*SKU: BC170

*Leather: Bovine

*Buckle: 45 mm.


  • Premium Leather: To begin with, we used real stingray leather, known for its unique texture and strength, to give it a touch of luxury. We also added bovine leather along the edges to create a subtle contrast that makes it look even better.
  • 45 mm Buckle: Our artisans skillfully crafted this 45mm lined buckle from high-quality stingray leather. This buckle also has a Cuadra shield decoration that adds a touch of class.
  • Interior: When you open the belt, you’ll see a bovine leather liner with the Cuadra logo printed on it. This extra touch shows our brand’s authenticity and craftsmanship, making it even more appealing.
  • Quality: Cuadra is known for our dedication to making high-quality products. This belt, built to last, will surely become a cherished part of your wardrobe.
Mens Cuadra Stingray Belt bc170

Men’s Cuadra Stingray Belt – BC170 CV9B4MA