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Welcome to the website https: //furiawesternwear.com and all its divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates and internet sites, which offer you access to the website and sell you products under the terms and conditions set forth herein, please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our website, since by entering our site you confirm your understanding with them, if you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, you may not use this site.

These terms and conditions regulate the use of the website https: //furiawesternwear.com offering its users the possibility of its acquisition, due to the content and purpose of the website.

Please check periodically for updates to these terms and conditions of use, as you will need to accept any changes made in order to continue to access the site and continue to purchase products.

In order to use the site https: //furiawesternwear.com you must be 18 years of age or be accessing under the supervision and consent of your parents, whoever holds the legal exercise of parental authority, guardianship and custody or legal guardian if applicable.

By accepting these terms and conditions we grant you a non-transferable and revocable license to use our site, under the terms and conditions described and accepted, for the purpose of purchasing items offered on our site.

Commercial use or use of third party names is prohibited, except as expressly permitted by us in advance, and any violation of these terms and conditions will result in immediate revocation of the license granted herein, without notice.


Any communications you send to the https: //furiawesternwear.com website, including but not limited to, questions, reviews, comments, suggestions will become our sole and exclusive property and will not be returned, except by court order, also when you send comments or reviews to the site, you also grant us the right to use the name you send, in the context of such review, comment, or any other content, finally, it is worth mentioning that you should not use a false email address, ie, pretend to be someone you are not.


There are cases in which a purchase order may not be processed due to circumstances beyond our control and which cannot be foreseen, circumstances in which force majeure or unforeseen circumstances intervene, in that sense FURIAWESTERNWEAR®, will inform the customer immediately the reason why it was not possible to process an order.

It also refers that all products offered on the site https: //furiawesternwear.com, are subject to availability and are offered to our subscribers while stocks last, so it may be the case that the same product can be purchased by several customers at once and at the end of the sales process it turns out that the product is no longer available for having been exhausted, even when it appears on the website https: //furiawesternwear. com website, in which case the subscriber will be informed of such situation proceeding to the reimbursement of any amount paid for the product purchased if applicable or will be notified of the impossibility of processing the purchase order.

Some products offered on the site https: //furiawesternwear.com, may be subject in addition to these terms and conditions, to special conditions of sale, which may be consulted by the customer along with the product description, it is necessary that you check the particular conditions of sale of these products, before making your purchase, in order to make sure of the terms, conditions and restrictions that may apply in your case in particular.

All sales offers, communications, requests for information among others, are made through the site https: //furiawesternwear.com, my represented will not be responsible for communications that are sent outside this site, also will not be responsible for cash deposits, transfers or credit card payments made by subscribers to accounts other than those authorized in the purchase of products, referring that deposit requests are never made to accounts of individuals.


Our products have a warranty that will be provided directly by FURIAWESTERNWEAR®, the particular terms and conditions, as well as the temporality of the same, will be made known to the subscribers together with the description of the products to which such warranties apply.

It is important to mention that the products have several restrictions to enter in warranty, being these the following: to have the box, ticket or purchase order, product in perfect condition and unused. In the same way, manufacturer’s warranties are only applicable 48 hours after the delivery of the product.}


Subscribers who purchase products may request the invoice at the time of purchase, if not requested will have 7 calendar days to request it.